Is There A Way To Cure My Bad Breath Naturally

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Worried about bad breath? We have natural bad breath solutions!

In general, the most effective way to keep your breath smelling fresh is to brush and floss every day. Flossing is important to your breath because those tiny pieces of food stuck between teeth may let out a strong smell as they gradually decompose in the mouth.

Still, sometimes you might notice that bad breath remains a problem.

Try these solutions to cure bad breath naturally:

Salt Wash

Saltwater has natural antiseptic properties. It’s the natural first stop for bad breath. Add a spoonful of salt to a glass of warm water, mix well, and wash your mouth as you would with mouthwash. Be careful not to swallow!


With its pleasant aroma, parsley has been used for bad breath for centuries. Recent research shows that its high chlorophyll content provides it with deodorising power. Simply chew on fresh leaves to enjoy the effect.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is probably the most popular natural cure for bad breath. Although scientists aren’t sure how it works, it can’t hurt! Drink pineapple juice after a meal or chew on a pineapple slice. Be sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards, because the high sugar content can encourage dental plaque.

Ordinary Water

Yes, water has a role to play as a natural cure for bad breath. Bad breath is often caused by mouth dryness. Your saliva is your mouth’s natural cleaning agent. Supplement it by being certain you are always hydrated!


Milk can eliminate bad breath from certain foods, such as garlic, very quickly. Other dairy products combat bad breath in their own ways. For example, yogurt’s healthy bacteria diminish the presence of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Green Tea

Green tea has been enjoyed for millennia for its disinfectant and deodorizing properties, ideal for keeping the mouth fresh.

Still Struggling with Bad Breath? It’s Time to See Your Trusted Family Dentist

If bad breath persists for more than a week despite your efforts to fix it, there may be a bigger problem.

Tooth decay and infections in the teeth and gums can cause bad breath. In many cases, there is no pain or noticeable discharge from an infection in its early stages, but the damaged tissue still releases by products that affect your breath.

For the help you need to put an end to stubborn bad breath, contact Coscarella Dentistry.


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