4 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Smile Without Braces

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Braces aren’t for everyone. They’re expensive, they’re painful, and they’re extremely inconvenient. If you’d rather not get braces but still want to work on your smile, there are lots of different options you can try instead. Here are four ways your dentist can help you improve and enhance your smile without braces.

1. Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you’re generally happy with the shape and size of your teeth but wish they were a little brighter, you can ask your dentist for a professional whitening treatment. In-office treatments like Zoom whitening can make your teeth look dramatically whiter in just an hour or two. That dazzling white shade can last for months with proper care.

The results of professional whitening treatments are often impressive enough to significantly boost people’s self-confidence, even if there are some other small imperfections in their smile that they wish they could change. Consider starting here to see if this treatment can do the same for you.

2. Veneers and Dental Bonding

If you’re dissatisfied with more than just the shade of your teeth, veneers and dental bonding might be a good fit for you.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or dental composite that your dentist can place over your natural teeth. They cover the front part of your tooth, making it easy to cover up any imperfections. They can disguise stains, cover craze lines, and even make your teeth look straighter.

Dental bonding is similar to composite veneers. During this treatment, your dentist will cement layers of dental composite to some areas of your teeth.

Bonding usually does not cover the full visible surface of a tooth. Instead, it replaces tooth material that was chipped or worn away. It can also be used to make naturally small teeth look larger by building them up with composite.

3. Crowns

If your teeth are cracked, heavily decayed, or worn down, they may not be strong enough to support veneers. In these cases, dental crowns may be a better option.

Crowns achieve similar effects to veneers, covering a tooth’s visible surfaces to change its shape, size, colour, and other attributes. Unlike veneers, however, they cover the entire tooth above the gumline. This means that they can reinforce structurally compromised teeth, redistributing the chewing forces that affect the tooth to avoid further damage.

Your dentist will need to remove a significant amount of your tooth enamel to place a crown, so you should only get one as a last resort. If you’re a good candidate for this treatment, though, you can expect excellent cosmetic results

4. Gum Grafting or Contouring

Some people’s smile imperfections have more to do with their gums than their teeth. Gum grafting and contouring can solve these problems. Gum grafting covers exposed tooth roots, turning back the clock on receding gums. Gum contouring, on the other hand, removes excess gum tissue to allow more of the tooth to remain visible when smiling.

If you think you might benefit from one of these procedures, talk to your dentist about it. They’ll examine your teeth and gums and figure out whether these treatments could give you the results you’re looking for.

Your Dream Smile Is Just a Phone Call Away

Do any of these treatments sound like they might help you? Coscarella Family Dentistry offers all of them. Contact us today to book an appointment and talk to us about your smile goals. We’ll help you work out a treatment plan that will work best for you – with or without braces.


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