Can Enamel Microabrasion Restore My Smile

Even if you are very careful about your dental health, your teeth can acquire stains over time. Staining can arise from a number of sources, like dark-colored drinks and foodstuffs. It can be more noticeable as we age, despite our best efforts to maintain those “pearly whites.” While there are many methods for whitening teeth,

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Child with Cavity at Dentist

My Child Has a Cavity: What Do I Do Now?

It’s crucial to encourage children to develop healthy dental care habits. That means teaching them how to brush their teeth and floss and supporting them as they take those all-important first steps to caring for their teeth on their own – long before permanent teeth arrive. A number of factors contribute to childhood cavities: Lapses

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woman testing dental veneers

Do Porcelain Dental Veneers Look Fake?

What Are Porcelain Veneers and Why Are They So Popular? A dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain custom-made to fit over the visible surface of a tooth. They can correct issues with the shape or appearance of the tooth, including stains, chipping, or cracking. They also help redefine a tooth that’s misshapen (for

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Smiling Couple

How Can My Dentist Help Improve My Smile?

A bright, beautiful smile helps you look and feel your best. Even if you’ve been very conscientious about brushing and flossing over the years, it’s still possible your smile isn’t quite how you would like it. Luckily, your family dentists at Coscarella Dentistry can help! Most of the problems that make people self-conscious about their

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