4 Fun Summer Drinks That Won’t Discolor Your Teeth

summer drink by pool woman smiling

Summer drinks provide hydration and refreshment on hot days, but there’s a catch – some of them may leave your teeth looking discoloured and dull. Choosing the right drinks will keep your smile shining bright this season. Try these four delicious options to protect your teeth while still getting the most out of your summer sips.

1. Sparkling Water

While plain water is the best drink for your dental health, it’s also not very exciting. Shake things up and opt for sparkling water instead. This fizzy beverage comes in plain and flavoured varieties and is usually clear, eliminating the risk of staining. You can buy sparkling water pre-made or use a carbonating device like a SodaStream to inject carbon dioxide into plain spring water.

2. Light-Coloured Fruit Juices

If you’re looking for something sweeter, there are many light-coloured fruit juices you can enjoy. Watermelon and pineapple juice make particularly delicious summer drinks, offering tropical flavours you won’t taste often in the cooler months. You may even be able to get away with watered-down apple or orange juice depending on how much water you’re willing to add. The lighter the liquid, the less staining potential it has.

3. Lemonade

Light, refreshing, and ever so slightly sweet, lemonade is a favorite choice for summer sipping. Neither plain nor sparkling varieties are likely to stain your teeth, but stay away from commercially-made pink versions. Most are dyed with red food colouring that will leave your mouth looking just as pink as the drink. If you really love pink lemonade, make a pitcher of your own by mixing plain lemonade with some watermelon juice.

4. Light Beer

Kicking back with a cold beer by the pool is a great way to get your summer weekends started. Choose a light beer that is visibly pale when poured to keep teeth stains at bay. Note that it’s the colour and not the alcohol content that matters here, so not all light beers will work. Make sure you know what the liquid inside the can or bottle looks like before you buy it!

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