Which Halloween Candies Are The Worst For Your Teeth?

halloween candy

Halloween is here, and that means there’s candy around every corner. If you’re hoping to indulge in a few goodies to celebrate, you may be wondering which treats are best for your teeth. Keep reading to find out which candies will help you keep cavities to a minimum.

Which Candies Are Bad for Your Teeth?

There’s an easy answer to this question: ALL OF THEM! Any Halloween candy with sugar in it has the potential to cause tooth decay.

That said, there are some candies that are worse than others. Watch out for:

  • Fruity candies. Fruit-flavoured candies have citric acid in them, a substance that lowers the pH of your mouth and promotes tooth decay. This combined with the effects of sugar makes them extremely bad for your teeth.
  • Sticky candies. Sticky candies get stuck between your teeth and in the grooves of your molars, giving the sugar in them much more time to break down your enamel.
  • Lollipops and hard candies. Not only are these candies often fruit-flavoured and full of citric acid, but they also take a long time to eat. Every minute they spend in your mouth exposes your teeth to more harmful sugars.

Which Candies Are Safe?

As we mentioned above, there is no candy that doesn’t have the potential to cause cavities (except one, but we’ll get to that later). If you’re going to treat yourself to a few Halloween goodies, eat them with meals and brush your teeth afterwards to minimize the damage they can cause.

Just as with the harmful candies, though, there are a few treats that are better for your teeth than others. You’ll be less likely to get cavities if you choose:

  • Sugar-free gum. Most gum given out for Halloween has sugar in it, but if you happen to get your hand on some sugar-free sticks, you can enjoy them without worrying about your teeth.
  • Chocolate candies. Chocolate is easy to brush off your teeth and doesn’t contain extra acids that promote tooth decay. Enjoy these candies with milk or hot tea to wash away most of the residue and protect your teeth until you can brush them.
  • Candies with nuts. The nuts in these treats rub against your teeth while you chew, helping to clean off some of the sugar right away. The extra protein in the nuts also keeps you feeling full for longer, making you less likely to keep reaching for more throughout the day.

The Key? Everything in Moderation

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few Halloween candies to mark the occasion. If you limit your consumption and keep up with your oral hygiene, you’ll get through the season with your teeth intact.

If you’re worried that your dental health might suffer, consider booking an appointment with us. Getting a cleaning, checkup, and fluoride treatment will give your teeth the strength they need to stand up to the sugar.


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