Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Hot Food & Drink?

women tooth sensitive coffee

Have you noticed a sudden spark of pain lately while sipping your morning coffee? If your teeth are suddenly feeling sensitive to heat, there are a few reasons why that might be happening. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common and what you can do to keep the pain at bay.

1. Gum Recession or Gum Disease

Normal, healthy gums cover the sensitive roots of your teeth and make it easier for you to eat and drink hot things without pain. When those gums pull away from your teeth due to him disease or trauma, they leave those roots exposed and vulnerable.

Switching to a toothpaste that has been formulated specifically for sensitive teeth usually helps with this problem. These toothpastes block the microscopic tubules in your dental enamel, putting more obstacles between the hot substances in your mouth and your tooth’s sensitive inner pulp. Keep up with your oral hygiene routine and be sure to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

2. Thin Enamel

Thinning enamel is another major cause of sensitive teeth. Tooth enamel can erode when it is exposed to too much acid inside your mouth. Some people also lose some of their enamel due to wear and tear on their teeth. Since tooth enamel provides insulation against extreme temperatures, thinner enamel can make your tooth more sensitive to hot food and drink. Luckily, this problem can also be treated with special sensitive toothpaste.

3. Injury

If your tooth sensitivity started happening suddenly after your jaw sustained a blow, you might have an injured tooth on your hands. This can also happen due to physical trauma from habits like teeth grinding. The nerves and ligaments in the tooth will eventually heal and the sensitivity will go away. If you don’t start feeling better after a few days, see your dentist. You may have a cracked tooth that needs more intensive treatment.

4. A Recent Cleaning

That’s right – getting a dental cleaning can actually make your teeth more sensitive for a few days! This is because the areas of your enamel that were covered by tartar become exposed again, leading to some extra sensitivity while your body adjusts. Luckily, this problem won’t last. Most cleaning-induced tooth sensitivity goes away in less than a week.

5. Tooth Decay and Infection

If your teeth are sensitive to hot items specifically, this may be a sign that there is an infection in one or more of your teeth. Heat causes extra blood to rush to the affected area, causing the infection to flare up and increasing your pain. See your dentist immediately for a check-up if you notice that hot food and drink are particularly painful for you. Abscessed teeth can become life-threatening if they aren’t treated quickly.

Treat Your Sensitive Teeth at Coscarella Family Dentistry

No matter what you think may be causing your heat sensitivity, it’s a good idea to get a check-up from a dentist to confirm it. Visit Coscarella Dentistry today to get a professional dental exam and get to the bottom of your heat sensitivity problem.


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