Should I Feel A Throbbing Pain After a Root Canal?

Tooth Pain after Root Canal

It’s not unusual to feel a bit anxious about a root canal procedure. In the end, though, most patients experience very little or no discomfort. Plus, you can protect the health of the treated tooth and others around it.

One common question is whether you should feel a throbbing pain after a root canal.

Not everyone feels pain after a root canal, and of those who do, not everyone will feel a throbbing sensation. However, throbbing pain is known to occur in some patients. It is not a sign that anything went wrong with your root canal procedure, and it usually doesn’t require follow-up.

Why Do Some People Have Throbbing Pain After a Root Canal?

There are few serious complications that can arise from a root canal performed by a qualified family dentist. Still, it is surgery! During any root canal, body tissues not directly being treated have a chance to become agitated and mildly inflamed.

In the case of throbbing pain after a root canal, the culprit is the bone surrounding the tooth. The bone tissue becomes irritated and provokes some discomfort. For most patients, this is very mild. In rare cases, it can be more serious. Severe cases tend to be accompanied by a throbbing sensation.

What Should You Do if You Have Throbbing Pain After a Root Canal?

First and foremost, don’t panic! Even though not everyone experiences it, this kind of pain is still normal.

Here’s what you can do to improve the situation while you heal:

  1. Keep Your Head Elevated
  2. Elevate your head as much as possible to reduce pain and encourage the healing process. Whenever you are lying down, be sure to use extra pillows under your head.

  3. Avoid Strenuous Activity
  4. As a general rule, avoid intense physical activity for a few days. Physical effort can cause you to tighten your jaw or clench your teeth in ways that might prolong post-operative discomfort.

  5. Monitor Your Eating
  6. Most patients will not be required to switch to a liquid diet after a root canal. However, you should avoid chewing on the recovering side. You can choose to switch to soft or liquid foods for a few days.

Throbbing pain usually peaks 48 hours after surgery, then improves. If pain worsens or continues after 72 hours, reach out to your dentist for advice. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact Coscarella Dentistry.


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