Why Does My Child Have Bad Breath?

Child's Bad Breath

Children may not be fans of bathing, or being clean in general. That can extend to their teeth. However, if your child has persistent bad breath, you should start to pay attention.

Why do children have bad breath? There are various reasons including:

  • Having eaten smelly foods, such as garlic
  • Not brushing their teeth often enough
  • Not brushing properly
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Medication or a medical condition

For a number of the reasons above, the problem can easily be remedied by drinking more water regularly each and every day, or by not eating as much garlicky foods.

But what about the bad breath we know and love? For example, if your child doesn’t brush often enough or well enough, then food can stay in your child’s mouth for some time. Bacteria will be attracted to that food, and soon will give off an unpleasant odour. If that food is not removed, plaque will begin to develop, causing the bad breath to become even worse.

The solution: more and better brushing and flossing. This doesn’t mean brushing harder though. Thorough is key. Make sure each tooth is brushed, including the front, back, and top. Also, brushing twice a day will help take care of any excess bacteria that wants to sneak in. After brushing before bed, only have your child consume water until morning, otherwise, bacteria will use the night time to invade.

If you need help with proper brushing techniques, or if the bad breath still won’t go away, make an appointment with your child’s dentist. They can demonstrate gentle yet effective ways for your child to brush, and can indicate other reasons and solutions to treat bad breath. Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to a fantastic smile.


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