How to Get Your Child to Brush their Teeth Everynight

Mother & Daughter Brushing Teeth

In addition to playing and school, children are also learning to take care of themselves. Brushing of teeth is a necessary life skill that your child needs to learn. Teaching your child the habit of brushing their teeth every night before bed will go a long way towards great dental health. Here are some tips that will help you to make the habit stick:

Have Fun
Do not just set a timer for brushing time and supervise as your child does it. You should make brushing of teeth an event by playing their favorite song or dancing as you brush together. You can also read stories to your child as they brush their teeth. Whatever you do, be creative and switch up your motivation styles.

Stick to a Routine
After a long and tiring day at work, you might feel tempted to let your child skip brushing. However, if you want the habit to stick, you should enforce it even when you do not feel like it. Making the activity second nature will make it easier for your child to brush twice a day.

Reward Good Behavior
What does your child like for motivation? If he likes stickers, you should create a reward chart and give him one every time he finishes brushing. You can also do something as simple as giving him a high five after accomplishing the brushing task successfully.

Make up Stories
If you have not found an inspiring story to tell your child, you should consider making up your own. For instance, you can tell him that he is a superhero who is brushing away the villains that cause cavities.

Go Shopping
You should consider going shopping with your child to allow him to pick up their own toothbrush. If he wants a character toothbrush, you should get it for him. Moreover, you should also let your son choose the toothpaste that he wants to use.

Make it a Family Affair
Children learn most things from their parents, so you need to set a good example. You should consider brushing your teeth at the same time to make it seem more enjoyable. You can even make up silly sayings such as “a family that brushes together smiles more”.

You should keep encouraging your child to brush their teeth until they can do it without any prompting from you.


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