Fight the Fear – Why Root Canals Shouldn’t Be Scary

Scary Root Canal

Are you afraid of going to the dentist when you have a cavity? Most people are afraid of root canals because the procedure has been given a bad rap. However, here are some reasons why you should not fear root canals:

Getting a Root Canal Feels like Getting a Filling
The pain that you associate with getting a root canal is mostly caused by untreated cavities because the root is infected. If left untreated, infected roots are very painful. However, during the actual procedure, you will only feel some mild discomfort.

Root Canal Procedures Take a Short Time
A root canal procedure only lasts several minutes longer than a cavity filling. The dentist will make a small hole through your tooth and use it to remove the infected root. After that, he/she will fill the hole with a rubber material and finish by covering your tooth with a crown to restore its shape.

Just like a cavity filling, most root canals can be finished in a single visit.

You Keep Your Tooth
The main advantage of getting a root canal is that you get to keep your tooth. You do not need to get an implant, which is expensive. If possible, you should always choose to keep your teeth because it is good for your smile.

The bottom line is that getting a root canal is quite beneficial. Moreover, the procedure is not painful at all, which means that you should opt for root canals when possible.


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