What Can I Do To Stop My Gums from Receding?

Gum Recession

Due to age and tooth decay, gum tissue surrounding the teeth can gradually pull back. This exposes more of the tooth’s structure, and it could ultimately expose the root of the tooth. Pockets can form between the teeth and the gum line as a result of this recession, too.

Once these pockets appear, they can mean major trouble. Bacteria builds up within them, and as those bacteria colonies develop, they can erode gum tissue, tooth, and even bone.

As a result, it’s essential to take action to reduce gum recession. Luckily, good hygiene practices can help you arrest gum recession. Most gum damage cannot be reversed, but preventing any additional damage may go a long way in protecting your teeth.

Get a Professional Deep Cleaning
Once you have early signs of gum recession, odds are good that you have significant bacterial activity in pockets within the gums. This can only be resolved through a dental procedure known as deep cleaning. In deep cleaning, gum tissue is gently pulled back so it can be scoured clean of bacterial buildup. Without this first step, gums will continue to erode over time.

Brush Daily – Including Your Gums
Brushing daily is the most important thing you can do to ensure overall gum health. You should brush at least two minutes in the morning after getting up and in the evening before bed. It’s also wise to brush after 20 minutes have elapsed following a meal. Gently massaging the gums with your brush, with or without toothpaste, can help enhance blood flow to the gums.

Floss Once a Day
Flossing is a major aspect of gum wellness that many people overlook. You should floss at least once in the evening every day. This removes food particles between teeth that provide fuel for the bacteria that damage gums. When flossing causes persistent bleeding, it means that you should visit the dentist right away to evaluate whether you may have gum disease.


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