How Natural Do Dentures Look in 2020?

Natural Looking Dentures

While the number of older Canadians who need dentures has gone down over the last decade, they are still common: About 2.2 million adults use them.

As you age, your teeth wear down and your gums are more likely to fail. Most people who have dentures have lost their teeth as the result of this natural aging process rather than trauma, disease, or other issues.

Whatever the case, dentures can give you a new lease on life.

Dentures may replace all the teeth of the lower dental arch, the upper arch, or all teeth in the mouth. The latter is known as complete dentures.

Dentures help your quality of life in many ways:

  • They restore your ability to speak as you did with your original teeth
  • They distribute the force of your bite and enable you to chew food
  • They provide a boost in confidence, appearance, and well-being

But there’s one lingering question for many would-be denture users:

How do they look?

Coscarella Dentistry Makes Dentures that Truly Look Natural

A person’s natural teeth are unique to them. It’s not surprising that many people worry whether a new set of dentures can ever replicate the natural appearance of teeth, which often have idiosyncrasies that make them look “right.”

At Coscarella Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology to help you get dentures that look and feel as natural as possible. With dentures made by an expert who understands your needs, others may not even know you have them!

There are two aspects to making dentures look natural:

A Custom Fit

It may seem obvious, but store-bought dentures are unlikely to look completely natural on anyone. They are not fitted to the precise dimensions of your mouth, which can cause them to interfere with speaking and chewing. Plus, each tooth has a precise shape and size. With our custom dentures, we can provide a superior fit along with aesthetic appearance that doesn’t look “machine-made.”

High Quality Materials

One of the secrets to natural-looking dentures is counterintuitive: Stains! Yes, while you don’t want things like coffee or wine stains, the bright white hue of store-bought dentures is a true giveaway. By using the right materials for dentures, we can ensure that they naturally acquire the appropriate mix of colours over time. This goes a very long way to making your dentures look more like original teeth.


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