Which Food/Drinks Lead to Discolored Teeth?

Tooth Discoloration

Which Food/Drinks Lead to Discolored Teeth?

If you are like most people, you want strong, healthy, white teeth. But did you know that tooth discoloration is a natural part of getting older? However, discolored teeth is not only due to aging. Certain food and drink can discolor and stain your teeth. This happens because those foods and drinks have higher levels of sugar, acid, or dark pigment that, over time, hide in the pores of your enamel, leading to the change in color. Here are the top culprits:

Tomatoes and tomato products
Tomatoes have high levels of acid and dark pigmentation. These cling to your teeth, causing a change in color over time. And it isn’t just tomatoes. Pasta and pizza sauces, tomato juice, and even ketchup can lead to discolored teeth.

Dark beverages
Coffee, black teas, red wine – they certainly are wonderful to consume, but not so great if you want white teeth. Although it may be difficult to stop having that morning cup of joe, try to consume less. It may look weird, but consider drinking through a straw to avoid contact with your teeth.

We are supposed to eat lots of fresh fruit daily, but sweet strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries can stain your teeth. When you do eat Mother Nature’s dessert, brush your teeth right after to minimize the potential for staining.

Spicy, strong, complex – it’s curry. This wonderful spice is a favourite in many east Asian dishes, but it is also adept at staining your teeth very quickly. You can try limiting the amount of curry you eat, but if that is not possible, eat it with foods that help prevent stains. These include, carrots, celery, cauliflower, and even apples.

Balsamic vinegar
Drizzled over dark greens, balsamic vinegar can perk up a boring salad. But its naturally dark colour can discolour your teeth. The good news? When eaten with a salad, the crunchy greens help remove some of that staining ability.

Keep on smiling!
Even if your teeth are healthy, discoloration may not make you smile. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, your dentist also has quick, simple, and medically approved ways of helping you remove that staining. Make an appointment today to discuss your options, and enjoy your food to the fullest.


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