Does It Hurt to Get Tooth Cavities Filled?

Smiling After Filling

How often do you go to the dentist? Have you ever avoided a visit because you thought there could be pain involved? If so, you wouldn’t be the only one. Historically, dental procedures, such as getting cavities filled, have been associated with the possibility of pain. If you are delaying getting cavities filled because of the potential for pain, wait no longer.

The procedure for getting cavities filled is no longer what it used to be. Advances in dental technology have greatly reduced the amount, and even the mere potential, for feeling pain. First thing to keep in mind is that the filling doesn’t actually take place where there are nerves. No nerves means no pain.

However, if your cavity is deep and close to nerve endings, or if you have more sensitive teeth, then you may benefit from a local anesthetic. This injection can cause minor pain, but remember that the pain isn’t from the filling itself. Also, your dentist will use a minor numbing gel before the injection, which will reduce the discomfort you may feel.

As for the actual filling itself, you could feel pressure from the procedure. And while the look and noise of the instruments used to fill the cavity certainly appear unpleasant, they don’t produce pain or discomfort.

After the filling is complete, you could feel some numbness, discomfort, or aching from where you were holding your jaw steady, or from the site of the local anesthetic. You might even have a little bruising. Make sure you eat soft foods until the side effects diminish.

But most of all – make sure you see the dentist if you suspect that you have a cavity. There is very little pain nowadays from the procedure itself, while the pain from not getting that cavity filled can be far worse. Finally, if you truly are scared of experience, they have strategies to help with that too.

Your dentist is there to help you take care of yourself. If you are unsure of the procedures, simply ask. The answers will give you something to smile about!


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