What Type of Teeth Issues Does Invisalign Fix?

Invisalign for Teeth

Invisalign is the “clear alternative” to ordinary braces. These removable plastic spacers can help adults and many teens correct a variety of issues. Invisalign is a powerful orthodontic appliance – that is, it naturally and safely treats problems related to the alignment of your teeth. Plus, Invisalign is discreet and convenient.

The conditions Invisalign can help you with include:

  1. Overbite
    An overbite is when your upper front teeth close in front of your bottom teeth. This is one of the most common orthodontic concerns. Invisalign is highly effective at treating most adult cases.
  2. Underbite
    Underbite is similar to overbite, but your lower front teeth close to a position in front of your upper front teeth. Invisalign can treat some cases, but more severe ones may require surgery.
  3. Crossbite
    In a crossbite, the upper and lower jaws aren’t fully aligned. Some upper teeth will be positioned inside your lower teeth when your mouth closes. Invisalign is helpful for most crossbite patients.
  4. Gap Teeth
    Gap teeth describes wider than average spaces between any two teeth. Invisalign spacers are particularly effective in reducing space between teeth, improving both appearance and health.
  5. Open Bite
    In an open bite, the two rows of teeth don’t meet up when the mouth is closed. Invisalign spacers can eliminate open bite symptoms in most adult patients without other treatments or surgery.
  6. Crowded Teeth
    Each case of crowded teeth is different, but in all of them, there is insufficient room in the mouth for all the teeth to fit. Even severe cases of crowded teeth can usually be resolved by Invisalign.
  7. Crooked Teeth and Minor Orthodontic Imperfection
    If you have generally straight teeth, but notice some smaller gaps or misalignment, Invisalign can almost certainly help you. Very fast results are often possible when making minor adjustments.

Learn More by Talking to Your Local Invisalign Expert

For most patients, Invisalign produces satisfying results on a timeline faster than ordinary braces. However, your Invisalign treatment must be tailored to suit your needs by an Invisalign dentist.
Your Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation to discover how Invisalign can work for you. To find out more about Invisalign or schedule your appointment, contact us today.


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