Time to Consider Dentures? 5 Signs it May Be Time

Time to Consider Dentures? 5 Signs it May Be Time

Many people benefit a great deal from dentures. The right dentures can be convenient and give you confidence. They help eliminate dental pain and put a stop to future dental issues. That means true peace of mind about the health of your mouth.

Is it time for you to consider dentures? Let’s look at some of the most common signs.

  1. Gum Problems: If you’ve had frequent gum problems, the bond between the soft tissue of your gums and your teeth may be weak. This makes tooth loss much more likely.
  2. Mouth Instability: When teeth are shifting or the gaps between them are widening, you can chip, crack, or lose teeth suddenly while eating.
  3. Toothaches: Significant, ongoing tooth pain can indicate a progressive infection that has reached the deep inner “pulp” of one or more teeth.
  4. Difficulty with Chewing: Problems eating certain types of food, such as items that are hot or cold, can be eliminated by using dentures.
  5. Missing Teeth: If you are already missing some teeth, it may be wise to take proactive steps. Ask your dentist about dentures if you are missing three or more teeth now.

At some point in their lives, the majority of people will wear dentures. The earlier you make the decision to get dentures, the easier it may be to fit and install them without complications. To find out more, talk to your trusted local dentist.


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