Reviewing the Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush


More and more people are switching from manual toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes these days. With so many options on the market, it can tough to find the right one for you. Oral-B is one of the leading manufacturers of electric brushes, and their Genius line is one of the most popular. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at these brushes, including what makes them unique and why they might be a good fit for your needs.

Models in the Genius Line

There are four different models in the Oral-B Genius line:

  • The 6000.
  • The 8000.
  • The 9600.
  • The X.

Aside from price, the main difference between these models is the number of additional brush heads they include and the number of AI and app-related features they offer. We’ll talk more about the tech-related distinctions between them below.

High Power Brushing

Like all electric toothbrushes, the Oral-B Genius line offers powerful automatic brushing that makes it easy to give your teeth a deep cleaning every day. Oral-B’s brushes specifically combine rotating motions with quick pulses to clean deep inside the pits and fissures in your teeth as well as the contact points between the teeth. Each brush also has 5 to 6 brushing modes (including DailyClean, ProClean, Whitening, and Gum Care) to help you customize your brushing to suit your needs.

Built-in Timer

To help you brush for the full two minutes that dentists recommend, Genius toothbrushes also come with a built-in timer. This feature sends a short but obvious vibration into the brush every 30 seconds to tell the user that it’s time to switch quadrants. After you’ve cleaned all four quadrants of your mouth, you’ll have brushed for the full recommended time and split that time appropriately among all four corners of your mouth.

Pressure Sensitivity

If you press too hard against your teeth while using an Oral-B Genius brush, the Smartring on the base of the brush will light up to alert you. This is extremely helpful for avoiding gum recession problems in the future, especially in places like the area around the canines where many people end up using too much force by mistake.

Smart Features

The Oral-B Genius line is one of the many Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush options on the market these days. Each brush connects to Oral-B’s toothbrushing app to display a visual timer and feed news and weather updates to you as you brush. It can also tell you which quadrant you should be working on and how long you have been brushing there. When you’re done brushing, this data is saved to your app. You can use this information to automatically track your brushing habits for the past week, month, or year.

All models aside from the Genius 6000 also come with position detection technology that can track your brushing motions and tell you which areas of your mouth you tend to miss during each session. This feedback can be extremely useful if you have trouble covering every single tooth each time. You can even program your brush to give you extra time when you reach spots that your dentist says you need to clean better, helping you slow down and take your time where it matters most.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Oral-B Genius line is a solid choice for anyone who wants to see what a smart toothbrush can do. While none of these models are top-of-the-line options, they include all the essential features that make these toothbrushes such great investments.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Oral B Genius electric toothbrush, talk to your dental team at Coscarella Dentistry. We can help you determine what you need in a brush and even help you figure out how best to use the one you choose. Give us a call today and book an appointment to talk toothbrushes or any other dental matters that are important to you.


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