Pros & Cons of SureSmile Teeth Aligners

SureSmile Aligners

Many people want to correct small defects in their smile, but they may not relish the thought of wearing braces for years. Thanks to modern technology, there’s a better way to get orthodontic treatment: SureSmile. This new clear aligner therapy offers many advantages over braces and other aligner brands. Let’s take a closer look at what SureSmile is as well as some of its pros and cons.

What Is SureSmile?

SureSmile is a newer clear aligner therapy provider similar to Invisalign. The treatment involves wearing a series of custom plastic trays to produce gradual changes in tooth alignment. These trays are made based on images from advanced intraoral scans that map millions of 3D points inside your mouth. The data retrieved during this process allows providers to come up with a highly detailed treatment plan that produces complex tooth movements one small adjustment at a time.


SureSmile treatment:

  • Can be used to treat a wide variety of cases. From minor alignment issues to complex problems like overbite and open bite, SureSmile can correct most smile defects and deliver impressive final results.
  • Provides a detailed treatment plan. SureSmile aligners are not given to patients until their provider has a full treatment plan worked out. This helps keep treatment objectives clear and ensures you are always working toward your next alignment goal.
  • Speeds up treatment. In most cases, SureSmile aligners work faster than braces do. You’ll spend less time dealing with the hassles of treatment and more time enjoying your new smile.
  • Is highly convenient. SureSmile requires fewer trips to the dentist than braces do. Instead of making an appointment to your braces adjusted every few weeks, you just move on to the next tray.
  • Uses the latest technology. SureSmile is the latest and greatest in clear aligner therapy. Its advanced scanning technology requires no uncomfortable tooth impressions and takes extremely detailed measurements that improve treatment quality.


SureSmile treatment:

  • Is not suitable for all cases. Like Invisalign, SureSmile has some limitations. It may not be able to correct severe orthodontic problems. Your SureSmile provider will let you know if this type of treatment is right for your case.
  • Requires excellent patient adherence. If you don’t wear your SureSmile aligners for at least 22 hours of every day, they won’t have the chance to work their magic on your teeth. Patients who don’t think they can stick to this regime should choose metal braces to make things easier for themselves.
  • Relies on the skill of your provider. Like any orthodontic treatment, SureSmile must be administered by a skilled professional. Make sure you choose a dental professional to perform your SureSmile treatment.

Smile with Confidence with SureSmile Treatment from Coscarella Family Dentistry

SureSmile is one of the most promising new orthodontic innovations to hit the market in a while, and it’s sure to become even more popular in the coming years. Want to try it out for yourself? Contact Coscarella Family Dentistry today. Our dentists are experienced SureSmile providers who can walk you through every step of the process as you work toward your dazzling new smile.


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