Infection Control in the Dental Office

Infection Control at Coscarella Dentistry

With worries spreading about coronavirus, many people are wondering how to stay safe when visiting the dentist. Coscarella Family Dentistry is taking extra steps to ensure your well-being.

Should You See Your Dentist or Wait?

The decision to go forward with care is up to you. However, it’s important to remember that delaying dental care can cause problems to get worse. Treatment may take longer or be more intensive. You may, however, wish to reschedule annual cleanings. Patients aged 60 and older should discuss their treatment plan with their dentist to make the right choice.

How Does a Dentist Protect You From Infection?

Like any medical professional, dentists hold themselves to high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. We know patients count on us to follow procedures every day! Everyone who takes part in care, from your dentist to the hygienist and beyond, follows anti-infection protocols.

Dental staff perform proper hand hygiene and use disposable protective equipment to prevent the transmission of micro-organisms to patients. We also sanitize any reusable equipment before and after it comes in contact with a patient. Cleaning is performed daily on all surfaces. Plus, there are careful rules in place to quarantine and dispose of all waste.

How Are We Protecting Patients from Coronavirus?

Coscarella Family Dentistry is continuing to provide care throughout the COVID-19 situation. Our team has put special processes in place to ensure you can access reliable local dentistry with minimal issue.

In addition to all the steps mentioned above, there are special techniques for sanitizing durable dental equipment and ensuring all water used in dental treatment is safe. We have accelerated our timeline for all safety procedures that are usually done infrequently, e.g. once a week or month.

We have also elevated sanitation procedures for office personnel and non-treatment areas in the practice. We are thoroughly sanitizing our waiting area every day and providing hand sanitizer.

How Can You Protect Yourself Prior to Your Appointment?

Not all viruses are easy to wash away, but coronavirus is especially susceptible. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds, remembering to cover the back, front, fingers, and in-between areas. Cough or sneeze into your elbow rather than your hand.

Call ahead to verify your appointment before leaving home, and if you develop symptoms, reschedule. Coronavirus symptoms are often similar to a flu or allergy, but are distinguishable by the presence of fever.


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