Can Enamel Microabrasion Restore My Smile

Even if you are very careful about your dental health, your teeth can acquire stains over time. Staining can arise from a number of sources, like dark-colored drinks and foodstuffs. It can be more noticeable as we age, despite our best efforts to maintain those “pearly whites.”

While there are many methods for whitening teeth, it is important to have help from a dentist you trust. At-home whitening gels and pastes can be too harsh on your teeth’s enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. Even though enamel is very hard, it is also quite porous, which leaves it vulnerable to both staining and damage.

Enamel microabrasion is an approach to whitening for those who want fast results but wish to avoid using gels, creams, and toothpastes that can cause irritation. It provides safe and effective results that are easy for you to maintain with appropriate ongoing dental care.

What is Enamel Microabrasion?

Enamel microabrasion is a whitening procedure that eliminates staining by acting on the upper layers of the tooth enamel. Whereas conventional whitening agents use chemical action, microabrasion is a mechanical process. That means it can be carefully controlled by your dentist.

The process uses a special rotating tool that scrapes off a very small fraction of your existing tooth enamel, removing the stains at the same time. This approach is long-lasting and powerful. Plus, you are protected from the discomfort of at-home bleaching agents, which can sometimes cause permanent tooth sensitivity.

Who Can Benefit from Enamel Microabrasion?

Adults with mild to moderate yellowing and staining of the teeth make great candidates for this procedure. It can also be helpful for patients who have white spots on their teeth. As with any cosmetic dentistry, it is vital to get a complete dental checkup beforehand. Underlying conditions may need to be treated before whitening. If you have staining seated deep in your enamel, a different whitening procedure might be recommended.

How Long Does Enamel Microabrasion Take?

You can complete your enamel microabrasion treatment in just one short dental visit. Including the time to fill out paperwork, it may take about an hour for most patients. It is quick and painless, taking no longer than the conventional chemical whitening treatment.

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