5 Reasons Why Scheduling Regular Dental Exams is Crucial

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5 Reasons Why Scheduling Regular Dental Exams is Crucial

Have you been putting off going to the dentist?

Millions of people in the U.S. and Canada suffer from some level of dental anxiety. Even if the idea of the dentist doesn’t bother you, you might feel it’s not a high priority in your life. There always seems to be something else to do… and going to the dentist slides down the old to-do list.

But: It’s never too late to schedule an appointment with a trusted local dentist. Even if you haven’t visited your dentist in years, there’s good reason to set that appointment. With a little help from an expert, you can get right back to optimal dental health in a short time.

Let’s look at five important reasons to make that call to your dentist:

1. Avoiding Cavities
Cavities are an ongoing dental health concern throughout life. Untreated cavities will eventually become more severe and can destroy a tooth. Regular checkups help you avoid tooth extractions. Your dentist can detect cavities as they form, long before you notice any symptoms.

2. Stopping Gum Disease
Gum disease is another widespread issue. It starts as gingivitis, an inflammation process that will gradually weaken the gums. It progresses to periodontal disease, which can erode bone. Regular dental cleanings are among the best way to halt gum disease.

3. Keeping Teeth Clean
Of course, going to the dentist isn’t all stress and strain. Every time you visit your dentist, you have the opportunity to get a full dental cleaning that will leave your teeth looking good and feeling fresh. A professional cleaning can reach areas even the most diligent brushing can’t.

4. Avoiding More Costly and Uncomfortable Procedures
Ultimately, a little prevention is worth a lot of cure. Your average dental visit may take about an hour, but that cleaning and examination will save you a lot of worry in the future. No one wants to have to come in for a root canal or other intensive procedure they could avoid.

5. Having One Less Thing to Worry About
Regular dental care is about peace of mind. When you have regular dental checkups, you know that you’re much less likely to have an unexpected problem – or, worse, a dental emergency. You can rest easy with one more thing off your plate so you can focus on what matters to you.

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